SpaTools: Extract Topographic Profile From Contours In AutoCAD (Extended) - CADOMATION

One of my recent blog SpaTools: Extract Topographic Profile From Contours In AutoCAD was appreciated by the AutoCAD users by commenting on the blog directly as well as on social media pages.

Last week, an anonymous reader commented on the blog to improve it further. The comment is depicted as below.

The tool was able to extract topographic profile from the contour drawing along a Line segment drawn by user as depicted below.

Now, I have extended it to extract the topographic profile along a polyline. The user has to draw the polyline object (Not 3D polyline) prior to execute ExtractProfile command.   

Enter  EXTRACTPROFILE on command prompt and select the  polyline object.

Select Polyline 

Select the layers which contain the contour lines and set the text height, vertical exaggeration and other parameters and press OK. Select the point by clicking on the screen to plot the profile.


Select the layers and other parameters

The profile line, grid lines and text are now drawn on Spatools_Profile, Spatools_Grid and Spatools_Text layers. The profile is not a 2D polyline object rather now it is rendered as 3D Polyline object. This will help to interpolate the intermediate elevation by using ID command.

3D Polyline to interpolate intermediate elevation values.

The updated SpaTools DLL can be downloaded from the following link.