SpaTools: Create Buffer Around Linear Objects (Updated) - CADOMATION

My last blog CreateBuffer Around Polylines  was about creating buffer polygons around Polylines & Spline CAD objects only. Lines and Arc objects were not implemented. Besides that, the resulting buffer polygon was created on both sides of Polylines and Splines with round corners at the ends.

The same shortages were indicated by a reader on the blog in a comment too.

In the context of the above comment, I have updated the Buffer Around Polylines / Splines tool with following additions:

  • Create buffer polygons around Lines and Arcs
  • Create buffer polygons on either Left side , right side or both.
  • Create buffer polygons either with round ends or flat ends
  • A dialogue box which accepts the input from user.
  • The caption of the button is renamed from Create Buffer Around Polylines / Splines to Create Buffer Around Linear Objects 

The command can be invoke by clicking on  “Create Buffer Around Linear Objects” button or by typing command “BUFFERLINE” on command window.

The Line, Polyline, Spline and Arc objects can be selected.

A dialogue box will appear to take following parameters as input:

  • Enter Buffer Distance in drawing units
  • Select Buffer Direction (LEFT, RIGHT & BOTH) from list
  • Option  to merge all buffer polygons  using checkbox
  • Option to draw the round ends

The buffer polygons will be created according to input parameters entered on above dialogue box as illustrated below.

Creating Buffer around linear objects
Buffer around Line, Polyline, Spline & Arc  Objects

Round Buffer Polygons created around an Arc Object and Merged

Buffers on Left and Right side of a Line Object

The DLL can be downloaded from the link given below:

Read the installation instructions from this blog