SpaTools: Clip Features in AutoCAD - CADOMATION

Recently, I posted about the workflow to clip features in AutoCAD like ArcGIS. The post named as “How to clip objects in AutoCAD” was much appreciated by readers. The workflow contains following steps:

  • Creation of a polygon in model space
  • Copy that polygon in  a layout with base point (0,0,0)
  • Converting the polygon into viewport object
  • Finally executing EXPORTLAYOUT command to create the clipped drawing file.

In order to make it One Click operation, I have developed a tool named as Clip Features and included it as part of SpaTools.


The tool requires only a closed polyline in model space and it will create a new layout named as CLIP. This newly created layout will be exported to a new drawing file.

As soon as the new drawing file will be created, it will ask to open the new file.

The updated DLL can be found at the link at the bottom of the page. Download, Unblock and load it using Netload.