SPCAD Products

spcad the spatial CAD for autocad
spcad the spatial CAD for cadmate
spcad the spatial CAD for gstarcad
spcad the spatial CAD for zwcad
spcad the spatial CAD bricsCad

SPCAD Products

spcad the spatial CAD for autocad
spcad the spatial CAD for cadmate
spcad the spatial CAD for gstarcad
spcad the spatial CAD bricsCad
spcad the spatial CAD for zwcad

Key Features

import export

Import / Export

Import/Export a diverse range of file formats. e.g. Kml/Kmz, shapefile, CSV/ZYZ file of coordinates, GPX, LAS, GeoJSON, Raster Images with world files.

Coordinate Systems

Coordinate Systems

Manage coordinate systems in drawings. Assign and transform into various coordinate systems.

bing map

Bing Map

Integrate satellite imagery. Select a coordinate system and a boundary polygon, and retrieve Bing images.

surface analysis

Surface Analysis

Effortlessly analyze surfaces with our CAD app. Use intuitive tools for TIN, contours, and draw profiles.

map making

Map Making

Transform map creation with our CAD app’s efficient tools. Easily add symbols, North arrow, and scale bars.



Effortlessly cut complex or curvy LOTs into parcels and annotate the desired number and area for each.



Discover our CAD app’s tools for effortless atlas creation. organize designs into detailed atlases.


Area – Volume

Generate effortless Area Capacity Curves with a TIN and streamline workflows at chosen elevations.

qr code

qR code

Insert location-based QR codes in drawings. Scan with your camera to instantly navigate to Google Maps.

What can SPCAD do for you?

assign coordinate system

Assign a Projected Coordinate System to the AutoCAD Drawing

In SPCAD numerous tools require assigning a related coordinate system

generate qr code

Generate a QR Code for Point Locations

QR codes have emerged as a modern and secure method for sharing important information.

import kml files

Import KML Files into AutoCAD Drawing

KML files serve as a standard format in the geospatial community for sharing and visualizing location information.

create tin

Create TIN Surfaces from Point Objects

SPCAD emerges as a game-changer, simplifying the creation of TINs from point objects, thereby facilitating

cut a cross section

Cut a cross-section from a TIN Surface

SPCAD enables users to personalize titles, adjust vertical exaggeration and data intervals,  and seamlessly tabulate

generate contours

Generate Contours from a TIN Surface

Introducing our latest CAD plugin feature: the Generate Contour Tool! This dynamic addition to our suite of

create buffer

Create Buffer around Points, lines, polygons

When it comes to lines, our buffer tool lets you tailor the edges to your liking, with the option to

bing image

BING images in CAD

SPCAD’s BING tool revolutionizes the way users access satellite imagery, offering seamless connectivity to the BING satellite

import csv

Import CSV Files To The AutoCAD Drawing

Our plugin simplifies CSV file importation into AutoCAD drawings, enabling CAD users

import esri shp

Import ESRI Shapefiles To AutoCAD Drawing

The ESRI shapefile is a widely used data format, and integrating shapefile data into CAD

define alignment mark chainage

Define Alignment And Mark Chainage Along A Polyline

Alignment and mark chainage along are essential functionalities within our system,

export autocad to shp

Export AutoCAD Drawing Objects To A Shapefile

For CAD users, the necessity to convert from DWG format to Shapefile often arises,

export autocad to kml

Export AutoCAD Drawing To KML

Exporting AutoCAD drawings to KML format enhances visualization in Google Earth. Converting drawing

insert north arrow

Insert North Arrow And Scale Bar Into The Drawing

Choose a symbol from a variety of options available in the catalog to represent the north 

cut polygon

Cut Polygon Into Two Or More Polygons

Cutting polygons is crucial for various applications, such as urban planning, land surveying and architectural

merge polygon

Merge Polygons Of the Same Elevation

SPCAD offers a user-friendly solution for merging polygons of the same elevation. Users can select overlapping

coordinate system

Display Coordinate System Info in the Drawing

The ability to display coordinate system information directly on the drawing in SPCAD

scale factor

Apply Scale Factor (Grid To Ground)

In SPCAD, users seamlessly execute Grid to Ground data conversion by applying a scale factor to AutoCAD

divide a lot into parcels

Divide A Lot Into Parcels

Urban planning CAD users are tasked with subdividing large lots into smaller parcels, adding annotations such as names, area

atlas sheets

Create Atlas Sheets For A Closed Polyline

Select the viewport extent, layout, and sheet color. The user can change the number of

Elevate your workflow

Experience the future with our SPCAD solutions, revolutionizing productivity and creativity. Explore our downloads page for a wealth of resources, including software packages and documentation crafted for seamless integration and rapid adoption. Transparent and flexible pricing options await as you delve into our detailed pricing details, ensuring alignment with your organizational goals.