SpaTools: Clip Features in AutoCAD

Recently, I posted about the workflow to clip features in AutoCAD like ArcGIS. The post named as “How to clip objects in AutoCAD” was much appreciated by readers. The workflow contains following steps: Creation of a polygon in model space Copy that polygon in  a layout with base point (0,0,0) Converting the polygon into viewport ….  Read More

SpaTools: Create 3-Point Rectangle & Right Angle Triangle in AutoCAD

AutoCAD provides a basic command to create a rectangle. The command can be invoked by typing “REC” , “RECTANG” or “RECTANGLE” on command window or by clicking on Rectangle icon button on DRAW panel of Home Tab. Multiple options are there to create rectangle such as: By specifying the opposite diagonal corners of the rectangle ….  Read More

SpaTools: Create Buffer Around Linear Objects (Updated)

My last blog CreateBuffer Around Polylines  was about creating buffer polygons around Polylines & Spline CAD objects only. Lines and Arc objects were not implemented. Besides that, the resulting buffer polygon was created on both sides of Polylines and Splines with round corners at the ends. The same shortages were indicated by a reader on ….  Read More

SpaTools: Create Buffer Around PolyLines

In the continuation of my last post about buffer around points, I have developed another tool to create buffer polygons around/along the linear AutoCAD objects such as Polylines and Splines. Buffer  is one of the vital tool of Spatial Analysis and it is often needed to create buffers along the linear features such as roads, ….  Read More

SpaTools: Create Buffer Around Points

Buffer analysis is a common tool of spatial analysis, which deals with the problem of proximity Buffer analysis can make the complicated problem be more scientifically and visually, and provide valuable information for users. The basic idea is to create a zonal area of a certain distance around its boundary. This zonal area is technically ….  Read More

SpaTools: Merge Polygons into One Closed Polyline

It is often needed to merge multiple closed polylines and circles into one closed polyline in AutoCAD. Different users do it in different ways such as Creating Boundaries using “_boundary” command or creating Regions and then applying UNION (Boolean operation) on those region objects and then exploding and joining all line segments. This method is ….  Read More

SpaTools: Import ESRI Shapefile into AutoCAD

Shapefile is one of the data format developed by ESRI to store geographic information. Because of the simplicity of shapefiles, it is very popular in GIS and Geospatial industry to transfer geographic information along with attributes. The SpaTools toolbar has a dedicated panel for tools to import different file formats in AutoCAD directly. These tools ….  Read More

SpaTools: Toolbar with all tools

Since January 2020, I started writing blogs about the custom tools developed for AutoCAD. All those blogs are entitled with the prefix of “SpaTools”. Currently, ten (10) different tools have been added to SpaTools.DLL. For each tool, I have published a blog with the explanation of its usability and some basic information. The readers not ….  Read More