Our services

CAD customization

CADOMATION provide services to customize your CAD workflows to cater your needs ultimately enabling your software to work easier, accurate and faster. This may range from developing new tools with Customized Menus, Toolbars, Tool Palettes, Commands and functionalities.

CAD Automation

A lot of time can be saved by CAD automation. This saved time can be used to focus on more person-oriented decisions and creativity. CADOMATION can deliver tools to automate the repetitive engineering design tasks with optimization, increase in productivity & workability and maximizing the value.

CAD Migration

CADOMATION provides services to transform and convert CAD data from one native format to an other without any loss of information or creation of orphaned data. The CAD migration services include the conversion of legacy hard copy maps, sketches and other earlier CAD versions into latest formats.

CAD Drafting

At CADOMATION, we provide CAD Drafting services for different engineering domains such as architecture, building information modeling, electrical & mechanical engineering, Real estate development & structural engineering. Our CAD Designers can comprehend complex elements to perfection.

CAD Cartography

At CADOMATION, we provide services to create best Maps using CAD which embrace both science and art with all cartographic standards and practices. We believe in cartography which include both automation and creative design as well as accurate and expressive.

3d printing & diorama

At CADOMATION, we develop physical models made of PLA, ABS and other materials. This involve 3D printing, molding using foams, plaster of paris(POP), wood and other materials to make 3D models. Models can be any piece of terrain, architectural model or engineering structure.