About Us

CADOMATION is an all-inclusive platform designed to provide customized solutions for CAD professionals working across different fields. 

who we are

We offer tailored CAD solutions for professionals across diverse fields.

We have carefully engineered to simplify intricate tasks and ensure a user-friendly experience for professionals of all backgrounds, our customized tools seamlessly integrate with CAD software, making workflows smoother, smarter, and more efficient. Our approach is centered around CAD customization and automation, which means creating tools that do the job of multiple commands in one go while automating tasks that result in greater accuracy and less complexity.

meet Our team

Imran Anees Memon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Murad Ali Kisana

Managing Director

Dr. Zaheer Malik

Expert Research & Development

Dr. M Athar Javaid

CAD Developer

Rehan Ali

Web Developer

Furqan Anees

CAD Developer

Aroosa Fazal

Web Developer

Saeed Sharif

GIS Manager

Nabiha Khan

CAD Expert

Muhammad Tariq

Graphic Designer

Ali Zaib

CAD Expert

Syed Usman Ali

Manager Sales