Annotate Parcels

The annotation comprises the parcel ID format. You can configure the labels and text height for parcel ID labels.

SPCAD offers CAD users a powerful solution for bulk parcel labeling. After adjusting its format and text style, users can seamlessly arrange the parcel numbering order using the cursor.

1. Parcel ID Labels

Our UI empowers you to tailor the format of your Parcel ID with unparalleled flexibility. Customize with an alphanumeric prefix and suffix, alongside the option for an iterative parcel ID. Whether numeric or alphabetical, the parcel ID can be configured to display exclusively in uppercase. Select your iteration preferences effortlessly to suit your needs.

2. Establish parcel order

To establish the desired order, click ‘OK,’ then initiate the dragging of the cursor by clicking inside the first parcel. Perform intermediate clicks for necessary turns to maintain the required sequence. Finally, double click outside the lot to complete the process. You can also drag the cursor over multiple lots.

After pressing Enter to confirm the parcel number sequence label appears on the parcels in the mentioned order.

Should you need to make any label adjustments, simply access the settings in the Parcel Manager. For further information click here on how to use the Parcel Manager.

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