Location with QR-Code 

In our CAD product, SPCAD, we’ve introduced a tool that inserts a QR code at a specific location. When scanned with a mobile camera, this QR code triggers an event that opens Google Maps and zooms in to the corresponding location. 

The integration of QR codes within our CAD product, SPCAD, provides invaluable convenience for our customers. By seamlessly linking digital designs to physical locations, this feature enhances communication and efficiency. Whether for construction projects, property management, or facility planning, users can now effortlessly access real-world coordinates directly from their designs. This not only streamlines navigation but also fosters a more intuitive understanding of project details. 

Consider a scenario where an engineer is on-site to design an Electric pole or a DAM. Today, during the site visit, the engineer needs to grasp the lay of the land visually. However, as the site is underdeveloped, determining specific locations can be challenging. With the SPCAD drawing equipped with a QR code, the engineer can simply scan it with their camera. Instantly, the camera provides information on the exact distance from the designated site, offering valuable location awareness. 

Similarly, for customers purchasing a property in a developing area, the need to visualize the plot’s location arises during visits. By scanning the QR code on the SPCAD drawing, the customer can easily confirm the plot’s position. This functionality not only simplifies navigation but also empowers users to seamlessly transition from their current location to their desired destination, providing a practical solution for real-world applications. 

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